It’s here, it’s there, it’s everywhere! Summer is finally here, it only comes once a year, and I intend to get my camping gear! Because it’s here, it’s here! Campings for summer, and Winter is gone, so let me hear you cheer! 

  It’s hot it’s warm, it takes the form, as sweat upon your forehead. You should swim, it’ll make you slim, and it will cool you off! 

  Sports are fine, but I prefer mine, in a world of water, and wetness. It’s refreshing, and it’s meshing with the Summer theme! Just look at that beam of light! Hey, why not fly a kite? Aren’t the clouds so puffy and white?

   It makes me think, hey! Look at this link that leads to a refreshing Summer of fun! Why don’t you come, and sit in the sun, and talk about Summer wonders with me! Lets go get a slushy!

It’s here it’s there, it’s everywhere! Summer is finally here! And I intend to get my camping gear! Because it’s here, it’s here! Campings for Summer, and Winter is gone, so let me HEAR… YOU… CHEER! 

 This has been Becca on Summer fun in the sun!  

 Photo Credits: Rob Gallop

It’s Almost Time!!!

    *Schooooools out, for the summer!* Well, almost! I’m sooo excited! (and sad at the same time) I mean, I’ll miss my class-mates, and my teacher and all, but SUMMER! That means camping, and barbecues, and outdoor parties, and (of course) FOOOD! I’m so excited for summer. There’s also lots of other fun things to do during summer. You can play sports, suntan, hangout with your friends, and of course, go swimming! (actually, I just got new goggles!) You can also go to really neat summer camps! I went to a really cool summer camp last year, and it was REALLY fun. All in three days, we went to Lewis park, went to the beach, and went para sailing! Hopefully I get to go to another camp this summer. I can’t wait to hit the beach! It’s so relaxing just to sit in the sun, and take in the beautiful summer heat , and bathe in it’s warm rays of awesomeness! *sigh* I can hardly stand to think about it without being tempted to jump into icy, cold, refreshing water! SUMMER! This has been Becca telling you to have fun when school is out, and value the time that you have while your out, BE SAFE and GO DO SOMETHING REFRESHING!!!

Just to keep this whole thing ‘educational’, I’m going to share some quick tips on how to keep your brain activity up and running!

  • Join your library’s summer book club! It will keep your mind inclined with your reading skills, and maybe you’ll meet some new friends along the way!
  • Maintain your blog (if you already have one that is), it will keep your writing skills up to date, and we can keep in touch!
  • Take a community art class! This (obviously) will keep your creative juices flowing throughout the  summer.
  • Go geocaching! It keeps your math skills in the loop, using a map and compass is a great skill to have as well.
  • Look in to some Science camps, or Museum Exhibitions for you Science lovers… if you want to get messy, and you want to stay at home, why not build an active volcano in  your own backyard! Be your own Einstien!

Photo Credits: Ennor

Who Knows What Yesterday Was?…

    …Well I’ll tell you one thing, we sure should be proud about it!

  June 6th, 1944. D-Day. This is the day, that our Canadian soldiers (along with other soldiers from places like the United States of America, France, and Britain) , stormed the beaches of Normandy in France. Yesterday, was June 6th, 2009, and Doom’s Days 65th anniversary. It was a proud day for the Canadian soldiers, and it’s still a proud day for us now. 

  WW2, was from 1939 to 1945. The D-Day invasions were a great success, and a great failure in so many ways. It was failure because thousand’s, and thousand’s of young men died (woman were not yet aloud to fight in the army) , sending their beloved family’s in to a great depression. It was a success, because in the end of the war, we defeated the Germans, and Adolf Hitler. It was very important that we beat the Germans because, of the mad man Hitler. It was so incredibly important that Hitler be defeated, because he had a plan to rule over all of Europe. Hitler killed anyone who was Jewish, different than himself, or anyone who tried to get in the way of his evil plan;  Hitler ended up killing millions of innocent people, but because he was defeated millions more were saved.

  The Canadian, American, French, and the British, invaded different beaches; they all worked together to free Europe, and eventually, it all worked out. Canada invaded three beaches: Juno beach, Sword beach, and Gold beach. The other allies invaded Utah beach, and Omaha beach. After lots of endurance and many deaths there was great success in which the Germans were defeated.

  I thought that this day reminds us of how good and giving our country is. In the first place, we didn’t have a thing to do with D-Day, but as Canadians we looked down on that situation and we took the time to ask if they needed our help. The next time you look back on this day, you should be saying, “gee, I am proud to be Canadian”. Better yet, you should be proud to be Canadian every…single…day, I am. 

Photo Credits: vtgard


I Wonder?

  Did you ever wonder about the world? About why you are here? About why we, are here? Did you ever wonder why you wonder? Hm. I wonder. Did you ever wonder about reality? About life it’s self? About why ever-body likes to terrorize others, and hurt them? I wonder why ywe wonder? Can anybody tell me why we wonder? I wonder. Does anybody have any idea why I’m even writing about this? I wonder? Maybe because I don’t really have anything else to do. I wonder why I’m writing this post? This has been Becca on I wonder why I’m writing this? Bye!


Photo Credits: Lone Black Rider 

Voice Work-Shop

  This week, I went to a vocal workshop that helped the food-bank. Instead of paying money, we gave non-perishable food items to the instructor, and she gave it all to the food-bank! First I’m going to tell you about some of the cool things that I learned about protecting your voice, and then I’ll tell you about some of the neat exercises that we did to calm us down! Are you ready for a total flash back of what happened this week? Good! Cause here it comes. (starting right about… now)

 What I Learned 

 ‘Do’s and Don’ts’ for being a singer!

Don’t Abuse Your Voice!

  • Don’t: Clear your throat or cough all the time Χ
  • Do: Sip water slowly (not cold water) √
  • Yawn to relax your throat √
  • Hum a lot (concentrate on humming a tune that doesn’t make you go to high or to low) √
  • Don’t: Yell, scream, or cheer continuously Χ
  • Do: Use non-vocal ways of getting someones attention. (example: Hey you!) √
  • When your angry, do not yell at the top of your lungs (AHHHHHHH!) √
  • Don’t: Talk for a long time when you are a long distance away from someone Χ
  • Do: Move closer to someone so that you can make yourself heard without yelling at the person √
  • Don’t: Talk in a loud place (this makes you talk louder and makes your voice really sore in the morning) Χ
  • Do: Reduce backround noise when you are speaking √
  • Always face people when talking to them √ 
  • Position yourself close to your listeners √ 
  • Before you speak, wait until your audience is listening √
  • Find non vocal ways to attract attention √ 
  • Don’t: Let your voice be misused (example: talking over large crowds) Χ 
  • Do: Use a good microphone, and amplifying system when your performing

  These are only a few of the many ‘Do’s and Don’ts’ that I have listed (when I say a few, I only mean a few things, because boy did I learn ALOT) here, and I hope that you find them helpful in the future if you are planning to be a singer! (I sure was thankful to learn them)

  Now I’m going to tell you about the most simple, and most calming thing in the world. (I’m seriously not joking, you could go from the most hyper person in the world, to a monk with this exercise; NO JOKE) First you need to have about 13 people (or more), and then you need to choose one person to sit in the middle. Once you have picked your person, ask everybody to close there eyes (absolutely no laughter whatsoever or it will mess up the whole operation; it is a very serious procedure, and I’m not being sarcastic, or un-sirious). Now tell the person to clear their mind completely, and have somebody start singing a tune (it can be anything, nothing specific, just anything that you feel like singing at the moment, although it can’t have any lyrics to it) then have everyone join in on the singing, also singing random tunes. You carry on singing random tunes for at least 3-5min, and then you stop singing and ask the person how he/she feels. I’m not going to even tell you about what some of the peoples comments were, and what they felt like after the few miniutes of chanting, and singing. All I will say, is that it was totally unforgetable, and the expeirience is something that I will always remember.  

  Now that you have learned about some cool techniques, and heard about my awesome week, it’s time to say goob-bye, and I really hope that you have the chance to try the calming exercise, and use my techniques for later! This has been Becca on ‘Voice Workshop!’ Bye!


Lets Start Over

 A small girl walks in to the classroom. She sees familiar faces, and she knows this room very well.

  I’ve been here before. This was my grade 4 classroom. And 2 years later, it’s also my grade 6 classroom. It feels really weird being back here. Almost make belief…

“Welcome to my class every-body! I am Mrs. Smith, and I will be your teacher for this year. Now before we start class, I’m going to lay out some very simple rules. They are strict. But they are simple. 

  1. Always be safe
  2. Build community
  3. Most importantly, have fun!” 

  That was it. Those were the rules. Most times in my new class, we followed these rules with honour and pride, but other times, the rules fell out of place, and we needed to maintain order. Mrs. Smith always got us back in order (sometimes I wonder how) with the rules. She is a miracle maker isn’t she?

  Mrs. Smith likes Drama, and acting. We had a party on our first day at school (the present was a book. Yippee Cy aye). There were balloons and everything! I was so excited to be in Mrs. Smiths class, learning, growing, and most importantly, laughing; it was good to laugh as long as we didn’t get carried away (which often happened). I suppose this was one of my best memories from the year because it shows that our teacher is the best ever, and that drama rocks! (go drama!) That is my best memory of the year. It seemed so magical, but real.

 When I look back at how much I’ve grown (and not just physically) since the begining of the year, I see all of the growth in my learning, and then I see Mrs. Smith. The one who has brought me this far into the year, and it shows me that she is the one who is giving me the education I need to have my dream job. Right now she is my life coach, and I am greatful for the memories that she has given me, and the ones that I am about to recieve from her in the future. Thanks Mrs. Smith, for teaching me, and letting me grow, and leting me be surrounded by knowlege, and a caring hand.


O’ Canada!

  O’ Canada,

Our home and native land, true patrid love in all thy sons command,

With glowing hearts, we see the rise, the true north strong and free,

From far and wide, O’ Canada, we stand on guard for thee,

God keep our land,

Glorious and free, O’ Canada we stand on guard for thee, O’ Canada we stand on Guard, For, Thee!

  That is Canada’s beautiful national anthem, and I, Rebecca, had the wonderful honour of singing it last Thursday for the RCMP! You see, my dad is an RCMP 911 disbatcher, (the guy who answers the phone if your in destress, or if your house is on fire, and a whole bunch of other things) so the people at his work place specificly asked if I could sing O’ Canada for the at a RCMP ‘Swearing in Ceremony’ (a very important ceramony in which new memebers of the RCMP are welcomed to the force, and where people who have worked for a very long time are recognized with medals). Right away, I agreed to helping out and singing for them. I told them that it was a great honour, and that I was looking forward to it very much (and not only because of the fact that I got to miss an hour of school!). What was really exciting though, was that my name was on the program! (and I got a big piece of cake after the ceremony!) I was soooo pumped after I had sang my song, that I had to splash water on my face to refreain from over-heating! (note the sarcasm used in my voice) Now that you’ve heard about my awesome story, Iv’e got to go and play out-side, because it is a breath-taking day in Beautiful, British, Columbia. Bye!


Blog Anniversary!

   Hey readers! Guess what? I’ve been blogging since November, and you’ve been reading since November! Isn’t it a miracle? I never thought that I would be able to achieve having a blog for this long! It just all seemed to work out with all of your guyses support! Althought there were a couple of bumps along the road in the making, it all sort of layed out perfectly! I’d like to thank-you all so, so much for reading commenting, and giving me ffed-back, because as yu can see, it certainly made a big difference in the way that it all turned out. I am so thrilled that you’ve been able to be by my side for the ride so far. I really do appreciate your help and support, that has brought me all the way to my goal of achievment, and looking back, I certainly think I have reached it. THANKS! Bye!


Photo Credits: Bev(sugarbloom cupcake) 

Betty V.S Veronica (Archie has chosen!)

   OMG. O…M…G This cannot be happening! Soooo not fair. Why would he choose Veronica?! It should have been Betty! It’s totally not fair!!! Okay, so those of you who are Archie comics fans (and me being the biggest one of course), might have heard the roumor about Veronica being chosen for Archie’s new wife. It’s OUTRAGOUS!!!!! I was totally shocked when I heard the news. And It’s not a rumor anymore. It’s… OFFICIAL. Yes. O-F-F-I-C-I-A-L. Betty is clearly the better person. She’s not mean, and she dosen’t take advantage of people every chance she gets. She dosen’t just do something when it benifits her, and she can cook. (and clearly she’s better looking) She’s NOT a bad person, and isn’t a 2-timer. I don’t know what Archie sees in that mean Want-It-All, and I’m- Better- Than- You girl? Betty is obviously the way to go. I don’t know what has happened. Oh-no! Maybe Archie was brainwashed by Veronica, and maybe she has been an alien from Pluto the whole time! I have to go and save Archie! Leave a comment on what you think will happen next! I’m coming Archie!!! (bye!


Big Cats!

  Hey y’all! Today, I’m going to talk to you about one of the biggest predators in the world. They have stripes, spots, large mains, enormous growls, and there all sorts of different shapes an sizes! It’s time for me to introduce to you… CATS! Now if you know me at all, than you’ll realize that I love all animals equal… except for maybe cats. I love cats the most. There just so cute and cuddly! I can’t get over that cute little plump face too! I wonder what there all about? Lets find out!

  Before I start on some cool facts about cats, I’d like to take the time to tell you that I’m so grateful that you read my posts and comment all of the time! It really makes me happy to know that you guys pay attention to what I write and actually read my posts that I write just for you to enjoy! Okay, back to the cats. We have 2 categories. Tigers, and lions! How this is gonna work is, I’m going to tell you some fun facts about each big cat, and then you tell me in a comment which one you like the most! The deadline is June 1st. Then, I’ll calculate the total and let you know what the most loved cat is!


  • Tigers are the largest cats in the world!
  • They grow to be about 8 feet long! (2.5m long)
  • There tail grows to be about 3feet! (90cm)  
  • Tigers are instantly recognizable by their stripes. In fact, they are known world wide for them
  • On a hot sunny day, you’ll be able to see there black stripes turn a goldish colour, and this enables them to camoflaugh into the sky! (I thought this was interesting because the sky is blue and gold doesn’t blend that well with blue) 
  • As there whole bodies are orange (and gold in some cases) and black, their stomach’s, and chin’s are snowy white
  • Tigers prefer to hunt larger animals such as deer, buffalo, antalopes, and wild pigs
  • Tigers usualy hunt at night time to sneak up on their prey easier, and with more ease than they would usualy during the day time
  • It is very rare for the this big cat to make an actual kill, because the animal is either too fast, too strong, or another animal has already caught it before you. 9 out of 10 times, the tiger’s food will out-run him, and leave the tiger hungery
  • Tigers like to live by them-selves their whole life, because there not so big on sharing with others. To keep away other tigers, they will leave urin samples behind, and leave scratch marks behind on nearby trees
  • Tiger cubs are born in pairs of 2, and 3 at a time, and they will stay with the mother for 3 years before going of on their own into the wild

    Now it’s time for the king of al beasts… the Lion!

  • Lions are great big majestic cats once found all over Southern Asia, but now found mainly on the grasslands of Africa
  • They are the only true social cats living together in groups called Prides
  • The adult male is instantly recognizable for it’s large main
  • Lions eat Wildebeest, zebras and antolopes (ocasionally giraffes)
  • They have big side teeth and short, strong jaws for ripping flesh
  • The female is usualy the one who goes out and hunts all day for the male (which is totally self centered of the male)
  • Only 1 in 4 pounces is when the lioness will actually kill something
  • A lion spends 18 hours a day sleeping, since the meat it eats is so nutrious
  • It will eat 1 solid meal and then go a number of days without eating again.

     Impressed by any of the facts? Well tell me when you choose your choice of witch animal is better? The Lion, or the Tiger? The sooner you vote, the sooner you find out! I;ll talk to you soon! Bye