Lets Start Over

 A small girl walks in to the classroom. She sees familiar faces, and she knows this room very well.

  I’ve been here before. This was my grade 4 classroom. And 2 years later, it’s also my grade 6 classroom. It feels really weird being back here. Almost make belief…

“Welcome to my class every-body! I am Mrs. Smith, and I will be your teacher for this year. Now before we start class, I’m going to lay out some very simple rules. They are strict. But they are simple. 

  1. Always be safe
  2. Build community
  3. Most importantly, have fun!” 

  That was it. Those were the rules. Most times in my new class, we followed these rules with honour and pride, but other times, the rules fell out of place, and we needed to maintain order. Mrs. Smith always got us back in order (sometimes I wonder how) with the rules. She is a miracle maker isn’t she?

  Mrs. Smith likes Drama, and acting. We had a party on our first day at school (the present was a book. Yippee Cy aye). There were balloons and everything! I was so excited to be in Mrs. Smiths class, learning, growing, and most importantly, laughing; it was good to laugh as long as we didn’t get carried away (which often happened). I suppose this was one of my best memories from the year because it shows that our teacher is the best ever, and that drama rocks! (go drama!) That is my best memory of the year. It seemed so magical, but real.

 When I look back at how much I’ve grown (and not just physically) since the begining of the year, I see all of the growth in my learning, and then I see Mrs. Smith. The one who has brought me this far into the year, and it shows me that she is the one who is giving me the education I need to have my dream job. Right now she is my life coach, and I am greatful for the memories that she has given me, and the ones that I am about to recieve from her in the future. Thanks Mrs. Smith, for teaching me, and letting me grow, and leting me be surrounded by knowlege, and a caring hand.


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